Fighting antisemitism and supporting the Jewish community

Theresa has worked extensively to combat anti-Semitism, working with the police and organisations such as the Community Security Trust. She has repeatedly spoken up in support of the state of Israel, and has been a member of Conservative Friends of Israel for many years.

She opposes boycott campaigns and has urged the Government to take action to ensure that UK aid to the Palestinian authority is not misused and diverted to support payments to terrorists. In Parliament and outside, she has called on Labour and the Liberal Democrats to condemn antisemitism in politics.

She has raised this issue in Prime Minister's Questions; she spoke in the two very moving debates in Parliament on anti-Semitism; and attended both the rallies organised by the Jewish community in Parliament Square to protest against antisemitism in Labour.

June 2022: Villiers leads Parliamentary debate condemning antisemitism in football

April 2022: Chag Sameach! Passover message from Theresa Villiers MP

March 2022: Chag Purim Sameach from Theresa Villiers MP

December 2021: Full proscription of Hamas welcomed

November 2021: Chanukah Sameach from Theresa Villiers!

June 2021: Villiers welcomes success in campaign for Durban IV boycott

June 2021: Villiers keeps up the pressure for boycott of UN Durban IV conference

May 2021: Villiers condemns rocket attacks on Israel

January 2021: Statement by Theresa Villiers MP on Holocaust Memorial Day

July 2020: MPs mark 46th anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus

January 2020: Remembering the Holocaust

November 2019: Villiers campaigns against antisemitism and racism

July 2019: Theresa Villiers' backbench Bill to return Nazi-looted artworks gains Royal Assent

June 2019: Villiers tables first ever debate in Parliament on Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa

February 2019: Villiers speaks out in Parliament against Labour antisemitism

February 2019: Bill to enable return of Nazi-looted art to its owners makes vital progress in Parliament

February 2019: Villiers takes forward Bill to return Nazi-looted artworks

January 2019: We must never forget the horrors of the Holocaust

November 2018: Villiers praises inter-faith event at Woodside Park Synagogue

October 2018: Theresa Villiers calls for solidarity with the Jewish community in the face of antisemitism from the left

July 2018:  Villiers joins second protest about antisemitism in Labour

April 2018: MPs unite to condemn antisemitism

March 2018: Villiers backs #EnoughIsEnough protest on anti-Semitism in Labour

March 2018: Theresa Villiers takes forward draft Bill to enable return of artworks stolen from Holocaust victims

January 2018: MP attends Holocaust Memorial Day event in Barnet

February 2017: Villiers visits Israel and the West Bank

January 2017: Villiers signs Holocaust Memorial Day Book of Commitment

November 2016: Villiers brings Cyprus and Israel groups together in Parliament

November 2016: Centenary of the Balfour Declaration

October 2016: Supporting Israel: Speech at CFI reception

January 2016: Holocaust Memorial Day supported by Barnet MPs

February 2015: Villiers welcomes APPG report on anti-Semitism

September 2014: Home Secretary and local MPs vow to tackle new threat of anti-Semitism


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