Barnet crime survey

I’m running this survey alongside Barnet’s Conservative Candidate for the London Assembly, Julie Redmond. Julie is a trained NHS A&E nurse and has worked as a nurse trainer in many hospitals and clinics around London, including Barnet and Camden, and during Covid was one of our hardworking NHS staff helping with the vaccine rollout. She is passionate about supporting our local community, and has dedicated her time helping local food banks and offering expert advice in her capacity as City Council Health Champion.

Our shared mission is to take action against the The Mayor’s inability to respond to rising crime rates in London, striving to create safer streets where residents can feel safe on the streets and in their homes. We understand and share your deep concerns about the rising levels of crime and violence that have regrettably become all too prevalent on our high streets. The surge in burglaries has further intensified the unease experienced by many residents, and the visible presence of police on our streets is severely lacking.

We are keen to hear your perspectives and would greatly appreciate your participation in the survey on the back of this letter. This will enable us to gain deeper insights into your concerns and viewpoints regarding crime and public safety within our community.

Barnet Crime survey

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