Westminster News

Bring back a full tube service!

Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers has called for the London Mayor to restore the capital’s transport capacity so her constituents can travel safely, using social distancing, and help keep the economy going.

Villiers takes on security role

Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers has taken on new responsibilities in relation to security, joining the cross-party, cross-Parliamentary team that scrutinises the Government’s National Security Strategy.

Launch of 'World Watch List'

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, last week hosted the Parliamentary and press launch of the Open Doors 2016 World Watch List: the list of the 50 most dangerous countries for Christians to live. Over 100 Members of Parliament attended. 

Better broadband campaign continues

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, met Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, this afternoon in Parliament to lobby for better broadband for Barnet.

Response to campaign emails on tax dodging

In response to the campaign emails she has received on tax dodging and HSBC, Theresa Villiers MP has issued the following statement:The Conservatives have cut taxes as part of our long term economic plan to build the most competitive corporate tax system in the world. We believe in low taxes, but taxes that are paid. Our priority to make sure everyone pays the taxes that they owe – securing a stronger economy and a better future for Britain. I am seriously concerned at the extent to which some big international companies have found complicated ways to reduce the taxes they pay in the UK to levels which in no way reflect their economic activity here. I am particularly worried that this means that small businesses in my Chipping Barnet constituency find it even harder to compete with big companies than they otherwise would. If a small shop in East Barnet Village or Hampden Square has to pay its taxes, then so should the big on-line retailers who are competing with them.

Response to campaign emails on fracking and the Infrastructure Bill

In response to the campaign emails which she has received on the Infrastructure Bill and fracking, Theresa Villiers MP has issued the following statement:When it comes to decisions on fracking and underground access for shale gas exploration, safety is the Government’s top priority. The UK has over 50 years of experience in regulating the onshore oil and gas industry and we have a strong regulatory regime for shale gas extraction. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for checking all aspects of operators' plans and designs, and no site will be given the go ahead without first meeting strict safety criteria.


Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, has published the following response to the 38 Degrees campaign on the Affordable Homes Bill and the abolition of the spare room subsidy:  The removal of the spare room subsidy was a necessary change in order to get the housing benefit bill under control, return fairness to the system and make better use of social housing stock. I cannot support the Affordable Homes Bill, which aims to reverse this important change, when there are nearly two million households on social housing waiting lists in England alone and 360,000 families living in over-crowded accommodation. Estimates suggest that the Affordable Homes Bill would cost about £1 billion of public expenditure. At a time when many families are having to make cut backs, I do not believe this would be an appropriate use of public money.