The figures come shortly after Boris Johnson's announcement of an extra £42 million of investment in the Metropolitan Police Service, meaning an end to its recruitment freeze.

Following a successful crackdown on crime, there are now 17% fewer recorded crimes in the capital than ten years ago. Action taken by the Mayor includes taking 10,000 knives and guns off the streets, opening three new rape crisis centres and targeting violence against women, youth gangs and dangerous dogs.

Theresa said, “This is good news for my constituents and for all Londoners. It’s a great achievement by the Mayor, the GLA and the police that front-line services are being boosted, despite tough economic circumstances. Although there is always more that can be done to combat crime, and increases in burglary figures in Barnet remain a serious concern, the drop in overall crime levels across the capital is a real step in the right direction.”

Commenting, Barnet's London Assembly Member, Brian Coleman said, "People in Barnet will be pleased to see Boris is cracking down on crime. It's especially good to see the tough action taken on youth crime and dangerous dogs. What's important now is that crime is kept low for the long-term, but I think the Mayor can do it."