Surgery meetings during the Covid-19 outbreak

During the Covid crisis, Theresa Villiers and her team are continuing to work to respond to constituents’ concerns, but we have had to adopt some changes to working practices to reflect public health guidance. If you need your MP's help you will need to email her on, ring her team on 020 8449 7345, or write to her at Theresa Villiers MP, 163 High Street, Barnet, Herts, EN5 5SU. Surgery meetings are being replaced with phone or Zoom calls wherever possible.

In the light of the improving Covid situation, regular face-to-face surgeries will resume on at 10.15 on Saturday 4th July at Theresa's constituency office at 163 High Street, Barnet, EN5 5SU. Because of the continuing need to minimise infection risk, and comply with social distancing guidance, arrangements for this surgery will be different from the way pre-Covid surgeries operated.

To ensure social distancing rules can be observed, THIS WILL NOT BE A DROP-IN SURGERY. Anyone wishing to see Theresa or her staff will need to make an appointment in advance. You will NOT be seen if you turn up without a pre-booked appointment. Bookings can be made using the contact details set out above.

The waiting room which is normally available during the surgery will be closed. Constituents will need to arrive at the time of their appointment and will be asked to queue outside if they are early, or if there are delays to the appointment schedule. We apologise for this inconvenience but it is necessary to minimise the number of people in the constituency office at one time. No toilet facilities will be available to further reduce infection risk.

Zoom appointments are available at other times for those who cannot be fitted into the face-to-face surgery on 4th July. It is still recommended that, wherever possible, you raise your concerns with Theresa by phone or email rather than through a meeting as your case can be dealt with more quickly this way.

MPs are asked by Parliament not to take up the cases of people who do not live in their constituency. So you may be asked for proof of an address in the Chipping Barnet constituency if you attend a surgery.