Villiers wades in on behalf of flooded residents

Theresa Villiers MP has intervened on behalf of residents left with flooded gardens after a development removed hundreds of trees from nearby land. The occupants of a number of homes in Vernon Crescent, East Barnet, found their gardens flooded with water up to a foot deep. Residents contacted the MP when their gardens started to become water-logged in early January, and she has been working on their behalf ever since.

Thanks to the intervention by Mrs Villiers, Affinity Water has been investigating the problem. Residents firmly believe the problem is caused by inadequate drainage on the neighbouring L&Q Cat Hill development, contracted out to Quadrant Construction. After the flooding problem began, a pump placed by Quadrant at the back of the properties resulted in the water subsiding temporarily. On the removal of the pump the problem returned.

Theresa Villiers said: “The flooding began in early January, and the problem has now remained unsolved for far too long. I believe that L&Q and Quadrant Construction need to take some responsibility and work with Affinity Water and local residents to find a solution to this issue. The situation is causing considerable distress to local residents, some of whom are elderly, and it is not acceptable that this has dragged on for so many months.”