Villiers calls for new homes on NHS Wood Street site

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, has called on the NHS to sell their Wood Street site in High Barnet so new homes can be built on it. She has been raising this issue with the NHS for many years but the site remains unused and increasingly derelict. She has now raised this in Parliament during a debate on the Neighbourhood Planning Bill.

Speaking after the debate, Ms Villiers said, "Much of the site owned by the NHS in Wood Street has been vacant for over a decade and is becoming a real eyesore. Given the need for new homes, it is essential that the NHS takes a decision on this site. If they need it for health purposes, such as a GP surgery, then they should apply for planning permission and start building. If not, they should sell the land to someone who will build homes on it."

"There is no excuse for this continuing delay. I have raised this with the NHS on multiple occasions. The time has come for NHS Barnet to take action. That is why I raised this in Parliament."

"After several years of campaigning, I persuaded the NHS to sell their Elmbank site in Arkley and now new homes are being built there. There was a debate over this development and important changes were made by the developer to reflect local concerns. I believe it should be possible to come up with a proposal for the Wood Street site which also delivers new homes, but in a way which fits in with the character of the surrounding neighbourhood."