Theresa and other local representatives used a loudspeaker to address campaigners. The protester also staged a 67 hour vigil at the site to symbolise the 67 trees which are due to be cut down if planning permission is granted. A decision on whether to allow the development to go ahead is expected to be made by Enfield Council before Christmas.

Theresa said, “I am completely behind residents in protesting against this development. I have always said that what is proposed for the site is wholly out of character with the surrounding quiet residential area; it is simply too high, too dense and involves far too many flats.”

“Furthermore, the impact of an extra three hundred households in the area will put untold pressure on local roads, schools and facilities. Increased traffic on the roads will generate major congestion and intensify parking problems for residents living in the surrounding roads. To build it would also mean destroying important wildlife habitats and the loss of many trees, some of which are centuries old.”

“If built, this development will be a ‘blot on the local landscape’ for decades to come. Enfield Council should seriously take note of the strength of opposition against the application and consider the long-term impact it will have on local residents’ quality of life. I strongly urge Enfield Council to reject this planning application.”

East Barnet Councillor, Robert Rams said, “This development will have a huge impact on my residents. Those living in Vernon Crescent and Mansfield Avenue will feel the full brunt of this eye sore. We will see extra cars on these roads and they already suffer from huge drainage issues, which will only be made worse, not to mention the tower blocks over looking their gardens. Enfield Council must reject this application.”