Barnet MPs ask police for reassurance patrols following Christchurch attack

Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers has sought police assurances that the Muslim community in her constituency will see more officers on the streets in the wake of the New Zealand mosque attacks.

After speaking to constituents about the shootings in Christchurch, local MPs Theresa Villiers and Mike Freer both asked the police to ensure officers are visible around mosques and Muslim community centres in the borough. The police in Barnet have confirmed that they have asked local officers to give priority to mosques and other relevant buildings in their patrols and to keep in touch with a range of faith communities to provide support and reassurance.

On Friday, Theresa spoke about the Christchurch shootings in Parliament.

She told MPs: “There is something deeply evil about attacking people in their place of worship. That the individual responsible apparently planned, organised and even filmed this atrocity shows a truly appalling and stomach-churning degree of barbarity and callousness.”

“I extend my support, sympathy and solidarity to everyone who has been injured, bereaved or harmed as a result of this terrible crime. I send my sympathies to all who are anxious and afraid as a result of what has happened, including my own constituents.”

Speaking today she added: “The events in New Zealand have shocked us all but that concern must be particularly strongly felt within the Muslim community. I offer my support to my Muslim constituents at this difficult time. I am pressing the police to ensure they are available and visible in the community to reassure local people.”

“Islamophobia, like other forms of racism and prejudice that target people on the basis of their faith or ethnicity, is unacceptable and we must all stand up against it, whatever the form it takes. I would encourage anyone who experience any type of hate crime to report it to the police.”