Speech to mark International Women's Day

One of the many events to mark International Women's Day in Parliament was a recent event hosted by the British Committee on Iran Freedom which is made up of UK Parliamentarians who support democratic change and reform in Iran.

Campaign to clean up air quality in Barnet

Cleaning up the air we breathe is a vital element of Theresa Villiers' plan for improving life in Barnet. In this article she sets out some of her work on this issue so far....

Campaign against litter

Litter can have a serious impact on quality of life, it creates an eyesore which damages our local environment, and it can be a real hazard for wildlife. Theresa Villiers has been taking action on litter and has posted this update on her campaign to make Barnet a cleaner place...

Villiers meets apprentice nurses at Barnet Hospital

MP Theresa Villiers met apprentice nurses on a visit to Barnet Hospital to discuss how an apprenticeship scheme is improving standards and putting additional qualified staff on wards.