Save the fields at Whalebones!

Theresa Villiers, Conservative candidate for Chipping Banet, has launched a petition to save the fields at Whalebones. Located in High Barnet the site consists mainly of woods and farmland in the heart of the suburbs. It is surrounded by a conservation area and has a unique history. The fields were owned by the late Gwyneth Cowing who was a noted local artist, painting many scenes of Barnet’s natural environment. In her will she expressed the wish that the fields be conserved for use as agricultural land for as long as possible.

Following an agreement between the Executors of Gwyneth Cowing’s will and developers, Hill, there is now a plan to build over 150 flats and houses on the fields.

In launching this petition Theresa wants to show both the developers and the Executors that local residents are against development of the site. If you want to save the fields at Whalebones, please sign the petition below. 

Save the fields at Whalebones!

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The petition of residents of Barnet to save the fields at Whalebones Park

To the House of Commons 
I the undersigned object to the plans put forward by the developer, Hill, to build around 150 flats and houses on the fields at Whalebones in High Barnet. I therefore request that members of the House of Commons urge Hill and the owners of the site, the Executors of the will of the late Gwyneth Cowing, to drop their plans to build at Whalebones.