Campaign to re-elect Theresa Villiers as MP for Chipping Barnet

Throughout my time as your MP, I’ve campaigned on issues that matter to people in Barnet: protecting our green spaces; more police; expanding NHS services; the best schools and skills for young people.

If I’m re-elected, I’ll always be a strong local champion for Chipping Barnet. I will stand up for you and everyone who lives in the constituency.

I set out a plan for Chipping Barnet – and working with local people, it’s starting to work.

I’ve been shoulder to shoulder with residents in opposing overdevelopment to make sure we get the right homes in the right places.

I’ve helped secure improved NHS facilities at local hospitals, with another one on the way when Barnet A&E expands in January.

I’ve fought for new schools to be set up and I secured vital funding to save our outstanding maintained nursery schools.

I’ve championed apprenticeships as a great way to give young people the chance to get on in life and achieve their goals.  

I’ve done all I can to protect our green spaces and presented landmark legislation to Parliament on conservation of nature and biodiversity.

I’ve celebrated Barnet’s diversity by working with a wide range of faith and community groups, supporting their causes, and calling-out hate crimes and antisemitism. I know how insecure the Jewish community feel at this difficult time and I will continue to work to retain the record funding the Government is now dedicating to the security of shuls and Jewish schools.

I also know how important it is that people are able to get around. So I teamed up with political opponents in a joint effort to bring back the 84B bus route, and I have strongly opposed anti-car measures like Sadiq Khan’s expansion of Ulez.

None of this would have been possible without the help and hard work of people here in our community. But the work isn’t yet finished. I can only see it through if I have your support. Your vote will determine whether we stick to that plan for Barnet – or whether we go back to square one with a Labour MP who won’t stand up to the Mayor of London or defend your interests.

At a national level, the Conservatives have a clear plan to deliver the bold action we need to secure a safer and more prosperous future for our country in uncertain times. We need to stick to that plan which is already delivering lower inflation, tax reductions, rising wages and economic growth, not go back to square one with Labour.

Covid and Ukraine means it has been a very tough few years, but our plan is working. We’re turning the corner.

There are four million more people in work than there were in 2010 when the Conservatives returned to office.

We have delivered the 20,000 additional police we promised.

Education standards up and children in schools in England are the best readers in the Western world.

We have delivered 5.5m apprenticeships and the biggest ever expansion in free childcare is underway.

Spending on the NHS at record levels at £165m. There are more doctors and nurses in our hospitals than ever before. There are more appointments in GP surgeries than ever before. We’ve published the first ever long-term Workforce Plan for the NHS to train the front line staff we need.

The State Pension went up by 10% in April 2023 and 8.5% in April 2024.

We are cutting emissions faster than any other G7 country, whilst making sure that switching to clean domestically produced energy does not impose excessive costs on household budgets: tackling climate change without making you pay for it.

Let’s stick with the plan that’s working.

Please give me your vote on 4th July.


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