Stop Labour's new tax on driving in Barnet - Sign the petition to STOP ULEZ EXPANSION!!!

If you oppose the plan by the Mayor of London to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone to cover the whole of Barnet, please click here to sign the petition to stop ULEZ!

Theresa Villiers has set up this petition because she knows that imposing this new charge on driving will hurt many of her constituents and local business just when they are struggling with rising bills. She and Barnet's other two MPs, Matthew Offord and Mike Freer, have called on the Mayor to scrap his plans for this new tax on driving from Labour.

The three MPs recently set out their views in a letter to Barnet Council asking them not to cooperate with installation of new ULEZ cameras: 

"We are strongly opposed to this expansion and the tax on residents and businesses it will impose. Those unable to buy a car which is new enough to be exempt from the charge will have to pay £12.50 per day. This is completely unacceptable at a time of great anxiety about the cost of living.

The Independent Impact Assessment released alongside the ULEZ consultation indicates that the proposed expansion will not deliver the environmental benefits the Mayor claims. ULEZ expansion will also have a further detrimental impact on our town centres and make employment in outer London boroughs less attractive, harming provision of public services.

We all want to improve air quality in London, but this is the wrong proposal at the wrong time. We urge you to protect your residents from this new tax and join other local authorities in London who are exploring legal options to prevent this unpopular and unnecessary imposition."