Re-elect Theresa Villiers in Barnet - Don't give Labour a supermajority!

You’ve seen the polls. You’ve heard the commentators. You know who they say is going to be the next government. If Keir Starmer is Prime Minister, your values and your priorities will need a voice. You will need an MP who will stand up to a Labour Government and stand up to Sadiq Khan.

A Labour MP would not do that but I will.

Over the last 19 years, I’ve worked with local people to get things done for Barnet. Protecting the green belt, stopping Sadiq Khan building flats over station car parks, saving local nursery schools under threat, delivering more police, more apprenticeships and more GP appointments. We’re making progress. But there is more to be done.

We need to continue the fight against anti-car measures from Sadiq Khan, like Ulez expansion and new bus lanes. And we can’t give up on the campaign to save Barnet police station. We must stop Sadiq Khan selling it off because we need police to be visible and present right here in our community. We can’t afford a Labour MP who’ll be on Sadiq Khan’s side not ours.

If Keir Starmer is Prime Minister, I will be your voice, holding him to account and standing up for our values: lower taxes, more police, controlled immigration, and common sense in classrooms.

I know you might not agree with everything the Conservatives have done. I know you feel frustrated. But despite the shocks caused by Covid and the Ukraine war, our plan for the economy is already delivering falling inflation, rising wages, rising pensions, falling energy bills, four million more people in work and a tax cut of £900.

And if you vote Labour or Reform and hand Keir Starmer the supermajority he wants, you’ll be locking yourself out of government for years to come.

With a majority bigger than Tony Blair’s, do you think Starmer will feel the need to listen to you? Do you think he’ll care about your priorities or your values?

You’ll be handing Labour a blank cheque to do whatever they want, courtesy of your savings.

They want to build on the green belt and ignore local views on planning. Their manifesto would give us the biggest tax burden in history. They would introduce French-style union laws, banning flexible work and risking jobs. And they would inevitably push through with yet more anti-car measures because that is what they are already doing where they are in power in City Hall and in Wales. Maybe even a Pay-Per-Mile Road Tax would be on the cards.

Keir Starmer has confirmed he’ll give votes to 16-year-olds and has said before that he even wants to give votes to EU citizens. He wants to change the rules of our system so Labour can stay in power for longer. And that could leave you without a voice, not just for the next five years, but for a decade or more.

You can have a voice in Parliament standing up for you. But you need to vote for it.

If you don’t vote to stop Labour in Barnet you’ll have no voice, because they’ll have a huge majority and they won’t need to pay attention to you. And you will have a Labour MP who will just go along with whatever Sadiq Khan wants.

And whether it’s fair or not, Reform can’t be your voice because they are highly unlikely to win any seats (maybe one or two at most).

The only way to guarantee that you’ll have a voice in the next parliament is to vote Conservative one more time.

So I’m asking you to think before you hand over your future to Keir Starmer. Don’t give him that supermajority.

Please vote for me on 4th July.

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