Petition to save Barnet Police Station

Please sign my e-petition to save Barnet Police Station. In 2017, the Mayor of London announced the the front desk would close, but the building has stayed in police use with officers located there. Now the Mayor says he will sell off the building for redevelopment. All officers, including local neighbourhood teams will have to relocate to Colindale. I am campaigning for the Mayor to change his mind and keep the police station. I hope you will back my campaign by signing my e-petition.

Save Barnet Police Station

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To the House of Commons,

The petition of residents of the Chipping Barnet constituency

Declares that we the undersigned strongly object to the Mayor of London's decision to close Barnet Police Station and his plans to sell off the building.

The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons urges the Government to press the Mayor of London to drop these plans and re-open Barnet Police Station.