Championing the NHS in Barnet

As general election day gets closer, Theresa Villiers, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chipping Barnet has posted the following article setting out her views on key issues relating to the NHS.

Conservatives welcome meeting between Cypriot leaders

Theresa Villiers, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Chipping Barnet has welcomed the news that President Anastasiades and the newly elected Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinzi will meet on Saturday. 

Supporting small business and local high streets

Supporting small businesses in Chipping Barnet has always been a high priority for Theresa Villiers during the 10 years she was the MP for the area. She would continue to campaign to support local businesses and high streets if she is re-elected next week. That includes fighting for better broadband for Barnet. Here is an update on what a Conservative Government would do to support small businesses.

Villiers keeps up the pressure to reopen East Barnet Health Centre

Theresa Villiers, Conservative Candidate for Chipping Barnet, continues to push NHS Property Services (NHSPS) to keep them on track to get East Barnet Health centre reopened. The latest news is that the refurbishment works are well underway and NHSPS still expect them to be completed on time for the end of September or early October.

Cutting crime in Barnet

Theresa Villiers, Conservative candidate for Chipping Barnet, has written the following article in response to queries from voters in Chipping Barnet about cutting crime. Supporting effective measures to tackle crime have been a key priority for me during my ten years as MP and would be again if I am re-elected on 7th May.

Making cycling safer

Improving cycling safety is an important priority for Theresa Villiers, the Conservative candidate for Chipping Barnet. She has written the following article setting out Conservative ideas on how to promote cycling and make it safer.

Conservative Manifesto offers help for working people

Theresa Villiers has welcomed the help for hard working people set out in the Conservative Manifesto this week. After attending the launch of the manifesto in Swindon, Theresa Villiers said “Help for people who work hard and do the right thing is a top priority for the Conservatives. Our manifesto confirms that under a majority Conservative Government, there would be no increase in rates of VAT, income tax or National Insurance.”

Villiers honoured by Cypriot community

On the eve of the launch of the Conservative manifesto, Theresa Villiers, Conservative candidate for Chipping Barnet, attended an event hosted by members of the Greek Cypriot community. The evening of music was held at the Cypriot-owned Cavalier pub, in Russell Lane N20, and the renowned musician, Nikos Savvides, sang many songs about Cyprus and reminisced about life in Famagusta before the 1974 invasion.