Chipping Barnet MP, Theresa Villiers has welcomed the news that the NHS is considering building a new GP surgery on the Marie Foster Home site in Wood Street in High Barnet. For some years, she has been pressing the NHS to take action to ensure this land is used constructively and that derelict eyesore buildings are demolished.

Theresa Villiers was therefore pleased to receive a letter from Tony Griffiths, London Regional Director for NHS Property Services, confirming that the NHS has asked North London Estate Partnerships to undertake a feasibility study into potential future uses for this site. This study is already underway and inclusion of a GP surgery on the site will be actively considered.

In the letter from Mr Griffiths, he says “It is too early in the process to say what these recommendations will comprise, however I would like to assure you that NHS Property Services is committed to disposing of surplus NHS sites in a way that provides best value to the local community, the tax payer and the NHS.”

Ms Villiers says “It is regrettable that the property has been unused for so long and I have urged NHS Property Services to press ahead with a decision on what it will be used for.”

“I would hope that any plans for a new GP surgery will be closely discussed with GPs to avoid a repeat of the problems which occurred with Brunswick Park Health Centre that was left unused for a long period. I will keep up the pressure to see the Marie Foster Home site used appropriately in a way which is in keeping with the historic surrounding area in High Barnet.”

Theresa has also been campaigning for action to be taken on the derelict nurse accommodation by the A411 in Arkley and will continue to pursue this.