Villiers supports cancer awareness pop - up shop

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, visited a pop-up shop in the Spires in Barnet High Street, which is promoting awareness of cancer and providing information on how to reduce the risk of getting the disease. The visit took place on Friday and Mike Freer MP and Cllr Helena Hart were also there to support the initiative.

Theresa spoke to the staff at the shop and to survivors of cancer who were there to encourage people to get regular health checks in order to pick up cancer symptoms early.

They were also explaining to members of the public how living a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Ms Villiers said: “This pop-up shop is an excellent initiative funded by Barnet Council using the public health budget allocated by the Government."

"It was inspirational to meet cancer survivors and hear about their experiences."

"I hope this shop will help get the message out that exercise, healthy eating and stopping smoking are proven to reduce the chances of getting cancer."

“The staff brilliantly highlighted the message about healthy living using a number of unappealing props, including an imitation pound of body fat. I would recommend that my constituents drop into the shop to learn more about reducing the risk of getting cancer.”