Every year, the event is organised by Barnet Council to remember the six million Jewish victims and so many others who perished during the Holocaust and the victims of subsequent genocides around the world.

This year’s commemoration was organised by Cllr David Longstaff. In line with events across the country, its theme was ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’. The aim was to encourage young people to speak out against discrimination, prejudice and anti-semitism, and in doing so help to ensure that such atrocities as the Holocaust can never happen again.

The civic procession into the Quadrangle was lead by the Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Lisa Rutter. The speakers included Sir Erich Reich who came to Britain as part of the Kindertransport. A Year 13 history student from Ashmole Academy who recently visited Auschwitz through the Holocaust Educational Trust also spoke.

Music was provided by the Alyth Youth Singers and London Cantorial Singers.

Theresa said, “Barnet’s Holocaust Memorial event is always an important and moving opportunity to remember those who perished during the Holocaust.”

“This year’s theme reminds us that it’s important to do more than simply remember; the best way in which we can pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and its survivors is to speak out against prejudice and anti-semitism in all its forms.”

“It’s not always easy for young people to challenge other people’s actions when they show signs of intolerance. But it is only by doing this that we can stamp out the seeds of hatred and help prevent something far more dangerous from taking root."