"Thank you Chipping Barnet" from Theresa Villiers

It is a huge honour to have been elected for the second time to represent Chipping Barnet its MP. The people of Chipping Barnet have once again placed a heavy responsibility on my shoulders. I have always sought to work as a hard as I can for my constituents and to campaign on the issues that matter to them, supporting local businesses and jobs, defending Barnet hospital and getting the police more time on the beat. I pledge to continue to work with diligence and dedication for all my constituents.

I would like everyone who voted for meĀ for placing their trust in me and giving me their support.

I would also like to thank my agent, Claire Dowson, and my local Conservative team of supporters and helpers who worked incredibly hard to for me and the local council candidates throughout the election and for many months running up to it.

Full results for the constituency of Chipping Barnet can be seen at: