Out on the doorstep in Barnet

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, has completed an extensive round of doorstep calls as part of her summer campaigning programme.

As the local MP, Theresa is out talking to her constituents all year round. Commenting on the latest feedback from these calls, Theresa said: “August is great time to be out and about hearing the views of constituents.”

“Many people have raised concerns about crime with me. I’ve also had a huge response to a survey on crime I have been running.”

“I understand the concern felt about burglary. Rates of this crime are too high in Barnet and that is one of the reasons I am campaigning for more police for our area. The Met have been given substantial extra resources - £172m to recruit new officers and expand crime-fighting capacity. On top of that, one of the Prime Minister’s first pledges in office was to put a further 20,000 police on the streets.”

“Crime and policing will continue to be a high priority for me and I thank all residents who took time to chat to me about their views on different issues facing us here in Barnet.”

If you would like to complete Theresa’s survey on crime, click here for the online version.