Good news on litter

Anti-litter campaigner, Theresa Villiers MP, has welcomed the news that more funding will be devoted to litter clearance in Barnet. This includes £68,000 from central government to support volunteer litter-pick groups and an extra £500,000 from the council to improve street cleaning services in the borough.

“When I heard that there was money on offer from the government to equip volunteer litter pickers, I immediately urged Barnet Council to apply for it,” said Theresa.

“It is excellent news that this funding has been secured and is now open to bids from local groups. I would encourage all of them to apply. I regularly take part in volunteer litter-picks and I welcome this funding to support the work of dedicated volunteers around my constituency.”

“I have often raised constituents’ concerns about litter with Barnet Council. Local government budgets have been stretched in recent years and it is great that an extra half million has been found for street cleaning services.”

“Our local environment is hugely important to me as MP. I have put litter on the agenda in Parliament and will continue to work with the council and with volunteer groups to try to keep our local area as free of litter as possible.”

The additional £500,000 for street cleaning has been included in the council budget for 2019/2020. Barnet Council also recently published the following statement on funding for volunteer groups:

"FREE litter picking equipment available for Community groups

Barnet Council has been awarded £67,981 share of £9.75m from the Government to help our communities keep the streets of the borough clean.

The one-off fund will be used to support communities and voluntary groups across Barnet, supplying them with equipment, such as litter pickers, gloves, hi-vis vests and bags. This will enable these groups to carry out their own litter picking events. The fund will be available until it is fully allocated.

Register your interest to and a form will be emailed to you. The completed request forms will be considered on a first come first served basis."