General Election 2017: Statement from Theresa Villiers MP

In advance of today's vote in the House of Commons on the Prime Minister's plan for an election on 8th June, Theresa Villiers has issued the following statement:

“A general election will give the country a clear choice between strong and stable government under Theresa May, or a chaotic coalition of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, propped up by Lib Dems or the SNP.

I have a 12 year track record campaigning hard to defend the interests of my constituents: protecting Barnet’s precious green spaces; fighting to support our local NHS services; securing key tax and business rate changes to help local businesses and town centres; and achieving progress in better broadband for Barnet.

The Conservatives are determined to make this a country that works for everyone, where every person has the opportunity to go as far as their talents and their hard work will take them, whatever background they come from. That is why we want to deliver a strong economy and sound public finances. That will enable us to ensure even more children have the chance to go to a good school; to give more young people the chance of an apprenticeship so they have the skills they need for success; to back our NHS with the resources it needs to care for our frail elderly; to back our armed forces and police in keeping us safe in a dangerous world.

Theresa May is the only person who can provide the strength, leadership and vision needed to ensure we can successfully negotiate the deep and special partnership we want to establish with our European neighbours after Brexit.”