Cypriot support to re-elect Theresa Villiers

For 20 years, Theresa Villiers have been backing the efforts of Cypriots to find a just and lasting solution to bring the two sides together and reunite the island. In recognition of that, Theresa has attracted strong support for her bid to be re-elected as MP for Chipping Barnet from leading members of the British Cypriot community from across the political spectrum. Here are some of the public endorsements for her campaign…


“I have known Theresa Villiers since October 1998. Theresa has been the strongest supporter of the Cyprus cause for the last 20 years, with passion commitment and determination. She helped also in many other issues our Community mainly Education. As a community leader I urge all her constituents to show their gratitude on 12th December to ensure that Cyprus continues to have such a valuable friend in Parliament.” Andreas Papaevripides, President of the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots (POMAK)


“Just to wish you well, once again. I remember well all the support you gave us both in Brussels and then in Westminster. I am sure you will be there for Cyprus and the community for years to come. My best wishes.” Haris Sophoclides, Former Chairman of National Federation of Cypriots UK


“Throughout her political career and from whatever post she held, Theresa Villiers has shown astonishing commitment to human rights and world justice. For her undiminished support to the people of Cyprus in as they strive for reunification of their island and a just and lasting solution, we owe her our full support and vote.” Leonidas Leonidou, President, Federation of Cypriot Refugees (UK)


“For two decades Theresa Villiers  has been a loyal friend of Cyprus, unceasingly supporting in every forum, either as an MEP, MP or government minister, the just cause of the Republic of Cyprus for liberation and reunification.  Theresa’s voice is the voice of Cyprus in Westminster and in Government, and both our community as a whole, and each one of us individually, are grateful for her unstinting work on behalf of all of us.  We must be united in our efforts to return Theresa as the MP for Chipping Barnet and ensure that a true friend and staunch ally of Cyprus remains in Parliament.” Elias and Stella Dinenis


“I am a refugee from Famagusta living now in Barnet. My vote goes to Theresa in appreciation for her tireless efford for free and united Cyprus.” Spyros Neophytou


“I fully support the daughter of Cyprus Theresa Villiers.” Michael Takoushis


“As a Cypriot refugee I followed over the years Theresa's support for Cypriot refugees, according to UN resolutions. My vote and support goes to Theresa.” Serafim Diakou, Ayios Theodoros Karpasia


“Being a photographer based in Barnet I followed Theresa's activities for the freedom and reunification of our homeland and admire her consistency and dedication. Thank you Theresa for fighting for justice for my long suffering motherland. You have my full support.” Petros Pentayiotis


“I live in Chipping Barnet and met Theresa Villiers 20 years ago. I feel she works very hard not only in her constituency but also fighting Cyprus's corner for freedom and unification. She is a strong supporter of our community schools especially in continuing of the exams on the Greek A-level. She has my unreserved support.” Elissa Ellina, Teacher


“I just simply wanted to say thank you for your hard work in seeking justice for my divided motherland.” Tasos Poyiatzis, Refugee from Karavas


“I urge every single Cypriot who lives in the Chipping Barnet constituency to vote for Theresa Villiers. She is President of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus and for 20 years she has been fighting for the reunification of Cyprus. Now in this crucial election on 12th December please let us show our appreciation for all the efforts Theresa has made to support Cyprus. Please give your vote to Theresa Villiers as a true friend of Cyprus and the Cypriot community.” Doros Partsaides, Cameraman-producer


“There comes a time when we must give a helping hand to those British politicians who fought our corner for Cyprus over the years. One such politician is our dedicated and committed friend, Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Viliers, who needs our help in the forthcoming general election. In view of her small majority, the Cypriot vote is crucial. In addition to your vote, she also needs our help in delivering leaflets, canvassing etc. If you can spare some time out of your busy schedule to attend some of the Action Days listed below.” Andreas Tambourides, Former Mayor of Barnet and councillor for Brunswick Park ward from 1998 to 2014