Happy Easter from Theresa Villiers

Theresa Villiers has issued the following statement wishing Barnet residents a Happy Easter:"On the eve of the most important day in the Christian calender, I would like to send my best wishes to all those celebrating Easter tomorrow. In our highly secularised society, it sometimes feels as if the significance of religious festival is too often overlooked.

Passover message from Theresa Villiers

Theresa Villiers has issued the following Passover message to the Jewish community in Barnet."I would like to send my best wishes to those celebrating Passover today. This is a joyous occasion when families can come together to celebrate freedom. I know that today's traditional celebration will be marked by members of the jewish community all around the world."

More good news on the economy

Commenting on recent positive economic news published by the independent Office for National Statistics, Theresa Villiers, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chipping Barnet said: “This week we had a hat-trick of good news about the British economy: our economy grew more than previously thought, consumer confidence is at its highest levels of 12 years and living standards are higher than in 2010.”

Election campaign kicks off in Barnet

The election campaign has started in earnest in Chipping Barnet. Theresa Villiers and her team of volunteers have been out on doorsteps talking to residents across the constituency. 

Villiers: Big business must pay their taxes like everyone else

A diverted profits tax comes into effect from today which is designed to ensure that all multi-national businesses pay taxes on the business they do in the UK. The Conservatives have acted to close down loopholes which have meant that some familiar high street brands were paying little or no corporation tax. Conservative candidate for Chipping Barnet, Theresa Villiers said:

East Barnet Health Centre update

Theresa Villiers, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Chipping Barnet, has been supporting the campaign to re-open East Barnet Health Centre (EBHC). It was closed for asbestos removal last spring and was expected to re-open after a few weeks. When the asbestos problem turned out to be more serious than expected, the closure dragged on. Theresa took up the concerns of local residents and urged the NHS to get the centre re-opened. She has recently provided the following update to Barnet Council on progress made in the campaign. The latest news is that clear out work to prepare for refurbishment of the health centre started there last week.

Has Barnet lost its battlefield?

As the nation marks the interment of Richard III, Chipping Barnet MP, Theresa Villiers, has revealed that the Battle of Barnet – one of the greatest victories of Edward IV and his brother the Duke of Gloucester who later became Richard III – may not have taken place around Hadley Green and Hadley Highstone in Barnet as has been believed up to now, but in fact may have been located further up the road towards Potters Bar.

Government action to combat anti-Semitic attacks welcomed

The announcement by the Prime Minister of £11m of new funding to improve security at Jewish schools, synagogues and community buildings has been welcomed by Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister in a speech to the Community Security Trust (CST) Annual fundraising dinner in central London on last week.

Start Up loans from government boost Barnet business

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, recently met up with a young entrepreneur, Styliana Vasili, to hear about how she successfully launched her own business with the help of the Government funded scheme, Start Up loans. The meeting took place at Theresa’s constituency office in Barnet High Street, along with representatives of the Start Up Loans Company who run the scheme for the Government.