Faster broadband for Barnet

Following a BT broadband and telephone outage due to cable thefts in the High Barnet area last year, Theresa put the pressure on BT to get things fixed so her constituents could be connected up again to their phones and the internet.

She was also contacted by Nick Jones of the Barnet Society who expressed his concerns at the time it was taking to extend superfast broadband to High Barnet. Theresa subsequently met with BT's General Manager for London, Southern and Eastern England, Andrew Campling and Clova Fyfe, Head of Parliamentary Affairs for the company, to discuss these problems and urge them to take action. BT assured her that 55 new telecoms cabinets have been installed in the constituency, with around 25,000 premises to benefit from the upgrade programme.

The campaign continued with parts of her constituency still suffering from gaps in provision, especially in the High Barnet area. Theresa arranged further meetings with BT to enable a wider range of residents to put their concerns directly the company. She also raised this problem with the Mayor of London and with the Government.

The latest figures from BT indicate that around 91% of the Chipping Barnet constituency can access fast broadband, but Theresa will continue pushing for broader coverage. She is working on this with MPs representing other parts of the suburbs which are suffering from similar problems. Theresa will continue to push BT to ensure that as many homes and businesses as possible can be connected to fibre broadband. BT have told her that they are investing a further £50m in fast broadband provision in urban and suburban areas and they have promised to look again at the gaps in service in Barnet to see if they can be included in this next round of upgrade work.

In September 2015, after many months of campaigning by Theresa Villiers, the Barnet Society and the Fibre4Barnet group of concerned local residents, BT have confirmed that High Barnet will be part of their next round of fibre broadband delivery; and that 6 of the 9 cabinets identified by the Barnet Society as urgently needing a connection to fast fibre broadband will be upgraded.