Archive: 2019 campaign to re-elect Theresa Villiers

Tomorrow this constituency and will make its decision in a crucial general election. I’m seeking your support as someone who has been a champion for this constituency which I love and which is my home.

A champion for Chipping Barnet

During my 14 years as MP, I have a strong track record of delivering on vital local issues in Barnet such as:

  • strongly backing our NHS, including helping to secure a brand new hospital at Chase Farm;
  • fighting the protect the green belt and our green spaces and opposing overdevelopment, such as the Labour plan to build blocks of flats over car parks at High Barnet and Cockfosters stations;
  • backing our local high streets and working for a strong economy to support small businesses; and
  • lobbying successfully for better facilities for schools such as Cromer Road and Alma Primary and securing extra funding for every school in the constituency.

If I’m re-elected I’ll push for expanded GP services so people can get the best NHS care. I’ll keep up the pressure to improve local transport, including better GTR national rail services. And I’ll campaign for more police and to stop the Mayor from closing our police station, so everyone is better protected from crimes such as burglary.

And I will be a strongly committed campaigner for the environment, driving forward action on the crucial environmental challenges of our time, including reversing the decline of nature and biodiversity, combating plastics pollution, and stopping disastrous climate change.

Ending the deadlock and moving our country forward

This is one of a dozen or constituencies which will determine whether we have a Conservative government or a Labour one. That’s a choice between moving our country forward or continuing with months of deadlock and indecision. A Conservative majority government is the only way we can move on from this endless wrangling and argument; so we can focus on the country’s other priorities and start to bring people back to together after three years of division.

Months more of disputes and arguments in a hung Parliament, with Jeremy Corbyn propped up by the SNP, would lead to damaging uncertainty for everyone. It would hold back our country’s potential and could mean yet another general election in just a few months’ time.

Instead, with a majority Conservative Government we can go forward with a positive programme focusing on the priorities people care most about:

  • the biggest ever single cash increase in funding in the 71 year history of the NHS of £33.9 billion a year;
  • 50 million more appointments in GP surgeries with doctors and other NHS professionals;
  • 50,000 more nurses (31,500 to train/recruit and 18,500 to retain who would otherwise have left the service);
  • 20,000 more police (in addition to 3,500 extra already being recruited), bringing the total in London to between 35,000 and 36,000 within three years – the highest number of police ever;
  • major investment to improve our road and rail network
  • an increase in funding for every school as part of a £14 billion package, including £780m to support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

The choice at this election: #VoteConservative

The choice you make tomorrow will have big implications for our economy and our public services.

We can only give our NHS and our schools the funds they need if we have a strong economy, and only the Conservatives will deliver that strong economy. Labour’s radical left manifesto will mean thousands of people in Barnet paying more tax. They simply cannot fund their give-aways without far more tax on ordinary working people and far more borrowing.

Time and again, Labour crash the economy, and people lose their jobs and their livelihoods as a result. When Labour tank the economy with their reckless tax and borrowing it is ordinary working people who suffer, as well as the public services we all depend on. This country has spent years recovering from Labour’s last debt crisis when they left a letter saying “There’s no more money”.

Sending Mr Corbyn to Downing Street would put that hard-won recovery at risk. And his abject failure to root out racism from his party means Labour is not fit to govern. I’ll always be a friend to the Jewish community and to all of Barnet’s diverse faith and ethnic groups. I will always champion the values of mutual respect and understanding between people from different faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

It’s appalling that life-long Labour supporters have been driven out of their party, some of them from this borough, because Labour has become institutionally antisemitic.

I urge you to vote Conservative tomorrow and give me your support in the election in Chipping Barnet. I will always stand up for Barnet and campaign hard on the local issues that matter to all of us who live here.